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Well, maybe nearly. But still not as immense as they have been. That's good, right? :P

1. Please enter my current Fakemon contest for a chance to win a shiny Adaptability Skrelp!  Fakemon Contest! Win a shiny Skrelp!So I finally decided on the prize for the next contest! Sorry, no great pun for the title, since I couldn't think of anything. But anyway, this time around, the prize is a shiny Adaptability Skrelp!
Contest Rules:
Participants must design between one and three Fakemon that live in water but are not Water type (think Dragalge, Stunfisk, Eelektross)
If designing two or three, they all must be part of the same evolution family.
If entering the contest, please spread the news about the contest. This is less a rule and more of a request, as I'd like to get the word out.
The deadline of this contest will be Friday, May 29th, at 5PM EDT. Judging will begin May 30th and continue through June 1st. A winner will be announced June 3rd.
If I'm sufficiently fond of your entry, there is a chance I may ask you to use it in one of my Fakemon regions. Of course, whether or not I can use it is entirely up to you and all your choice. And of course, saying no will ha

2. Samado is finished! All that remains is base stats for some of the Fakemon, but I have some friends helping me with that, and that's not nearly as important as the Fakemon themselves anyway. So yeah! Everything from the Fakemon to the postgame material has been uploaded now!
3. With Samado finished, in the very near future I will begin work on revamping my second region: Heika! I'd say expect to see some updates about it by late August. I'll try to get some Fakemon drawn out every morning on my summer break and if I manage to keep that flow then they should be colored and ready to upload in the relatively near future, like before my next semester starts! Hopefully, anyway. :'D
4. Sorry about the delays on the photos from Rhode Island Comic Con and Anime Boston. But here's how I'll do things: This weekend, starting tomorrow evening, I'll get started on uploading the RICC photos. Then, next weekend, starting next Friday evening, I'll work on uploading the AB ones! And this time I'll remember for sure!
5. I've finally drawn out my Hetalia OCs for Iowa and Wyoming! They ought to be scanned and uploaded in the near future. This leaves North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama, plus the new sub-state characters I'll be introducing, who currently just include Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco but may include St. Paul and Minneapolis as literal "Twin Cities". I also was considering New Orleans and Las Vegas getting distinct characters from Louisiana and Nevada. And of course there also will be the unincorporated territories and Washington, D.C. (who I actually have a decent amount thought out for but kind of want to draw out once I've drawn out all of the 50 states).
In the near future I may finally get around to some more Mawaru Chikyuu Rondo versions! On my to do list for canon characters are Canada, Prussia, Taiwan, and Australia. On my to do list for OCs are Massachusetts (along with Cape Code and Boston, once I get a finalized idea for Boston), New York (along with New York City and Long Island), and Hawaii. And then I intend to do a full version for myself. :P (Lick) If you have any thoughts for these, contact me!
In related news, I still have made no progress on my idea for a China version of Roma Antiqua, 古代中國 (Gǔdài Zhōngguó, Ancient China). I do have a couple of ideas, but very few. I'd really appreciate some assistance with it! Otherwise I might just wind up abandoning the idea, or at the very least shelving it for a later date.
8. Pokemon Squad Episode 175 is about half finished! While I'm on break I'll try to write at least one section every evening. This way I might even get to Episode 200 by the beginning of the next semester! Which, by the way, I am open for questions for the Q&A session in. :D
 I was considering at some point doing a series of original Pokemon Squad character songs. Would you all be interested in that? It'd likely be done towards the end of the series, but I would definitely do it!
Speaking of character songs, I've decided I've put off writing those character songs for my Hetalia OC Rhode Island for far too long! So I will definitely be doing those at some point in the near future! ...Provided I can come up with some ideas, and maybe get a friend with song-writing experience on board.
Also, on a related note, I was considering doing a parody of Uptown Funk for the Nordic Five in Hetalia. Would anyone be interested in collaborating on the lyrics? It'd be particularly helpful if you have background in Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, or Icelandic!
I was considering doing a shiny Pokemon auction for points on DeviantArt once the current Fakemon contest is over. Would any of you be interested in it? I would post a journal with information and prices for shiny Pokemon, and people could also put shiny Pokemon of theirs up for auction.
I was considering at some point in the future doing, rather than a new region for a Pokemon related project, a sequel game type thing, similar to Black 2 and White 2. I was in particular thinking a sequel to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but I may go for Black and White 3 with the Original Dragon, or a third installment in the Kanto/Johto saga taking place back in Kanto. It most likely wouldn't include very many new Fakemon, but it definitely would include new Mega Evolutions. Would you all be interested in my doing that?
14. I've decided that I will be typing up the list of potential Fakemon concepts that I've compiled in some of my notebooks and posting it here to serve as a resource for Fakemon creators! In addition, I'll also be working on a list of concepts for gym leaders and Elite Four members (by type of course) which I will also be uploading here! When? Right now I'm going to say, "Eh, some time this summer" and leave it at that, mostly because it's a lot of work and I don't really know.

See? Shorter than the previous updates! :D
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