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*The music from this video starts playing:
We see a pool of water from above as a huge splash rushes at the camera. The angle changes to the side of the waterspout. We then see a young Brock staring up at it in awe, followed by a young Red staring up at it in awe, followed by a young Ash gazing intently at the camera with Brock and Red in the background. We then see a young Gary, also standing underwater, staring intently at the camera. We then see the two facing each other in the water on the bottom of the screen and on a battlefield on the top of the screen. We see a sound wave ripping, followed by a rushing surge of water as the camera goes through the water, eventually reaching a water-drenched set of words. There's a flash and the words are shown to be "Pokemon Squad!", and the camera gets closer with a few more flashes, then rushes into the watery vortex again. The scene changes to Brock standing on a beach. A blue-tinged image of him being rejected by a girl appears on the screen, followed by a yellow-tinged one of him cooking. An image of him ready for a Pokemon battle on an orange background appears and fills the screen. We then see Red looking out on Mt. Silver. A yellow-tinged image of him and RM intently staring at each other in battle appears on the screen, followed by a red-tinged one of him petting his Charizard. An image of him ready for a Pokemon battle on a red background appears and fills the screen. Next we see RM standing in his lab. A green-tinged image of him lecturing Ash appears on the screen, followed by a red-tinged one of him focusing on his 3DS. An image of him ready for a Pokemon battle on a pink background appears and fills the screen. We then see a young Ash on a battlefield and as the camera spirals around towards him he becomes Ash at his current age. The camera zooms in to Ash's eye and we see a blurred image of him and Gary together as kids. We then see a yellow-tinged image of Ash against a brown-tinged image of Gary on a yellow background. After a few flashes, it switches to a brown-tinged image of Gary against a yellow-tinged image of Ash on a brown background. We then quickly see a headshot of Gary glaring to the left followed by one of Ash glaring to the right. We then see PlatinumMage standing alone on a stage, and an image of him playing trombone flashes before returning to the image of him on the stage. We see Team Rocket running after Pikachu at sunset, followed by Max in the time machine slowly disappearing. We then see RM and Clemont appear beside him, also fading with the time machine, followed by the time machine shooting into the space-time continuum. We see the time machine flying through the space-time continuum for a while, gradually getting closer to the camera, and then see a shot of RM's eye as this is happening. He closes it and the camera zooms back out to show the time machine flying through the space-time continuum again. We see RM's hand reaching out, and as it falls, May's hand grabs it and pulls him up. We see RM's face as this occurs, and he slowly opens his eyes. There's a flash and we see a light at the end of the tunnel, which the camera zooms in towards. We then see a battlefield with attacks being launched from both ends and a translucent image of a battle timer ticking by at the top. A translucent image of Paul's face appears near the bottom of the screen. It disappears as the timer is moved to the bottom and a translucent image of Barry's face appears at the top. It disappears as the timer is moved back to the top, accompanied by a translucent image of Tracey's face. It disappears as the timer is moved to the right side of the screen with a translucent image of Cilan's face appearing on the left. It disappears along with the timer as a translucent image of Ash's face appears in the middle of the screen. The scene changes to RM walking down High Street, silhouetted by the setting sun. The camera zooms in on him and he changes to Ash. There's a brief flash of Red's face and the image from before changes to Gary. We see Gary in Ash's eye. Then we see from behind as Ash steps onto the battlefield with Pikachu, and the image switches back to the un-zoomed image from before but of Gary. Then we see a brief flash of Ash preparing to command an attack before shifting back to the zoomed image from before but of Gary. Pikachu rushes forward, electricity crackling, and the scene changes to Gary's face. We then see RM, Brock, Red, and Ash (staring intently at the camera) all standing together underwater. Then we see Gary staring intently at the camera standing on a battlefield. We then see a battlefield with attacks launching from both sides. We then see the scoreboard showing Ash and Gary and their teams. We then see Ash's face, followed by Pikachu rushing forward with Quick Attack, and the camera zooms up. The background fades to black and we see an orange cross-section with Brock in it, followed by a pink one with RM and Red in it, and then we see everyone in the Mansion standing on a battlefield.*

"Mail's here," Barney Frank said as he walked back into the Yaoi House with the mail. He threw a letter in Barney's face. "It's for you," he said flatly.
"Oh boy!" Barney laughed. He opened it and stared blankly at it. "Can anybody here read these symbols?" he asked, holding up the letter.
"Oh, that's in Japanese," Rudy said. "RM over at the Mansion knows Japanese, so you can have him read it for you."
Just then, Rudy's phone rang.
"Hello?" Rudy answered. "Oh, hi Mom! What's wrong? Something to tell me?" Rudy's expression dropped into one of confusion and disbelief. "Really? What? Okay, I'll look for that. Okay, bye."
"What happened, bucko?" Snap asked. "Did yo grandma die?"
"Snap, she died before I was born," Rudy replied.
"No, yo odah grandma, bucko."
"She hates me with a burning passion."
"So what is it, bucko?"
Rudy swallowed.
"Well, I just found out from my mom," he said, "that I'm adopted. She said my birth certificate should be arriving in tomorrow's mail."
"Oh, bucko, I am so sorry 'bout dis sudden news break," Snap said. "Ah you okay? Anytin' I can do fo ya, bucko?"
"I actually think I need to be alone for a little while," Rudy said as he walked off.

Barney arrived at the Mansion with the letter for RM to translate.
"No," RM said.
"Pleasely-please-please-please-a-roo!" Barney begged.
"Barney, I don't even like you," RM said. "Why should I help you?"
"I'll pay you."
RM took the letter from Barney and looked it over.
"It says the following," RM began,
"Dear Barney,
I have heard much about you. I am your cousin from Japan, Baka Kyōryū. I too survived the KT Mass Extinction, and I look forward to meeting you. I shall be arriving at your place of residence within a few days. I hope we can get along well.
Baka Kyōryū."
"I havely-have-have-have-a-roo a Japanese cousin?" Barney asked.
"It almost seems like a prank," RM said. "I mean, this guy says his name is Baka. Baka is Japanese for idiot."
"That's not very nice!" Barney scolded.
"Well, all you have to do to find out if it's real is wait a while," RM replied. "After all, he said he'd arrive in a few days."
"Okely-dokely-doo!" Barney said. "Thanks, RM!"
He tried to give RM a hug only to have RM push him out the door.

The next day, there was a knock at the door of the Yaoi House. Barney opened it to see purple dinosaur in kimono.
"Konnichiwa!" he said. "Bānī-san desu ka?"
"Hidely-ho!" Barney laughed. "You mustly-must-must-must-a-roo be Baka! Oh wait, I'll try some Japanese I learned on Google Translate! Anata wa Baka! Atashi wa Bānī!"
Baka seemed taken aback.
"J-ja," Baka said, "Haitte mo ii desu ka?"
"I havely-have-have-have-a-roo no idea what that means!" Barney laughed.
"Sumimasen, wakarimasen," Baka said.
"Let's go inside!" Barney said, grabbing Baka's hand and dragging him inside.

Meanwhile, inside, Rudy sat with Snap looking at the day's mail.
"Here it is!" Rudy said. "My birth certificate! I'll finally know who my real parents were!"
He began to open the envelope and read the paper.
"Parents names..." he read, but he stopped and his jaw dropped. "Timmy Turner's Dad Turner and Timmy Turner's Mom Turner?! Child's name: Timmy Turner's Twin Brother Turner?! I'm Timmy Turner's twin brother?!"
Snap took Rudy's hand.
"Bucko, I am so sorry," he said.
"Why didn't they keep me?" Rudy asked.
"Uh, bucko, ya do realize who we'ah talkin' 'bout, right?" Snap asked. "Dey bauhly remembah dey have one son. Let alone two."

"Yaoi House e yōkoso!" Barney laughed as he led Baka inside.
Baka choked back laughter.
"Yaoi Hausu to iimasu ka?" he asked.
"I don'tly-don't-don't-don't-a-roo know what that means," Barney replied.
"So this is Baka," Barney Frank said as he approached them. "Good to meet you, I'm Barney Frank."
"Hajimemashite, Bānī Furanku-san," Baka said. "Watashi wa Baka desu. Dōzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu."
"I'm sorry, I don't speak Japanese," Barney Frank said.
"I used Google Translate!" Barney laughed. "But I also asked some things on Yahoo Answers so I would be absolutely certainly-certain-certain-certain-a-roo! Like I asked on Yahoo Answers how to say 'I love you,' and I was told it was 'Kutabare!' So kutabare, Baka!"
Baka was extremely taken aback.
"Bānī-san, dōshite?" he asked.
"Oh, I know this one!" Barney laughed. "Dōshite means 'why'! Let's see... Because you're my friendly-friend-a-loo! Which according to Yahoo Answers is 'Aho!' So, anata wa aho!"
Tears were in Baka's eyes.
"Daikirai desu!" Baka shouted at Barney.
He ran out the door of the Yaoi House.
"Baka, wait!" Barney called after him. "Come backly-back-back-back-a-roo! We can talk about your Darkrai!"

Later, Rudy and Snap came into the Yaoi House to find Barney distraught.
"What happened heah, bucko?" Snap asked.
"Barney drove off Baka with his insultingly bad Japanese," Barney Frank responded.
"Wherely-where-where-where-a-roo were you guys?" Barney asked.
"Well, bucko and I decided ta resoich his boith family a bit," Snap said.
"And it turns out you're not the only one with a Japanese cousin!" Rudy said. "I'd like you to meet mine! We've been calling him Shooty Refutey."
"YOU MUST NOT LOSE HOPE!" Makoto Naegi shouted as he entered the Yaoi House.

Enter at your own peril!
Past the bolted doors!
Where impossible things may happen
That you've never seen before!

In RM's laboratory
Live the smartest boys you've ever seen!
But Ash blows RM's, Max's, and Clemont's projects to smithereens!
There is doom and gloom while things go boom
In RM's lab!
Pokemon Squad Episode 140
Episode 140: Bānī to Tomodachi

Basically, one day Sailor Pikachu and I were thinking: what if Barney had a Japanese cousin? And another day, it occurred to us that Rudy Tabootie and Timmy Turner look similar enough to potentially be related. So we decided to combine these thoughts into an episode! Though there is a big plothole as to why Barney doesn't go to RM for interpretation services for Baka, but just ignore that and say that it's because Barney's an idiot and RM would probably say no. :P
*The music from this video starts playing:
A PokeBall is shown rotating on a white background with Meowth and Pikachu. RM, Dawn, RM's Friend, June, and Ash appear. The scene changes slide-reel style, revealing the words "ポケットモンスタースクワッド" with a PokeBall in the middle. The scene changes again to three slide reels: the top one showing Ash flirting with RM's Friend, the middle showing June in a classroom, and the bottom showing Dawn posing in a forest. The scene changes again to two slide reels: the left showing RM grinning and sparkling in an inner tube in a speedo and the right showing RM's Friend climbing stairs, bored. The scene changes again to an image of Pikachu's cheeks lighting up, then to June listening to her iPod, then back to Pikachu, then to Ash trying to decide between two PokeBalls in a battle, then back to Pikachu, then to Dawn eating an onigiri in front of her laptop, then to a picture of RM grinning and sparkling, which divides into more pictures with each note of the music. Then the scene changes to RM looking nervous and RM's Friend looking angry, then to Barney standing against the Yaoi House with his hands up and several guns pointed at him, then back to RM and RM's Friend, then to Brock in a bunny suit, then back to RM and RM's Friend, then to Elmo firmly grasping a pack of cigarettes. Then, RM's Friend is shown choking on sushi, then he's shown with the Unsure Face, then him terrified with lightning in the background, then him in a sailor fuku standing next to RM (who is also in a sailor fuku), then to him crying in rage. Then the scene changes to RM, Dawn, Ash (wearing a black bikini), RM's Friend, and June running in little boxes that match their eye color. The camera focuses on Dawn face-palming, then Ash crying, then RM's Friend yawning with the sweatdrop of embarrassment. Then a slot machine is shown with their faces for the symbols on the slots. The slots start rolling and end with three RMs in a row, and the word "FEVER" appears at the bottom on the slot machine. Then, everyone in RM's Mansion, the Yaoi House, and the NSC House is shown running through space. Then, the scene changes back to RM, Dawn, Ash, RM's Friend, and June running in the colored boxes. The camera focuses on June with a glazed expression, then on RM sparkling and grinning while shrugging, then on RM's Friend looking enraged. Then the scene changes back to the slot machine, which ends with three RM's Friends in a row, the last of which looking enraged. An X appears across the screen. Then the scene changes to the world with RM standing on top in a sailor fuku. Then the scene changes again to RM pointing up, and the camera zooms out with each beat of the music, revealing all the characters. Finally, the scene changes to RM's Friend with a blank expression.*

June's screaming shook the Mansion.
"June's missing her sweater it seems," RM said down in his lab, which though soundproofed was apparently not enough so to block out June.
"We should go help her, big brother!" Bonnie said, tugging on Clemont's jumpsuit. "I think if we do she may be a keeper!"
"Augh, Bonnie!" Clemont shouted, blushing. "She's in a committed relationship and I have no interest in her! When will you learn to stop?!"
"Same time RM gets a social life," Max said.
"Hey!" RM snapped.

The four of them went upstairs to see June holding Ash by his sweater.
"Hi, guys!" he said as he waved to them.
"Ketchum, did you (Nick jingle)ing steal my god(Nick jingle) sweater?!" June demanded.
"Of course not, June!" Ash said. "My hands are clean!"
He held them up. They were indeed sparkling clean, or at least what could be seen past the fingerless gloves was.
"Anyway, my PokeDex is missing too!" Ash said. "I think somebody may have taken it!"
"Fat (Nick jingle)ing chance, Ketchum," June snapped.
"Max, should we use our lie detector on Ash?" RM asked.
"I'd love to RM," Max replied, "but it's missing too."
"The perfect crime," RM declared. "No easy way to determine who was or wasn't the culprit! Clearly the work of a criminal mastermind!"
"Well, there is apparently a master burglar in the area, if the newspapers are to be believed," Henry said.
"Has anyone seen my first edition volume one Playboy magazine?" Brock asked as he entered the room.
"I think we've been robbed," Max said.
Suddenly, another scream shook the Mansion. This scream was so loud it resonated across the Kanto region.

"Did you hear that, Daria?" Jane asked in the Beige House.
"Yes, Jane," Daria replied. "I think it was Tommy Pickles."

"Whatly-what-what-what-a-roo happened?!" Barney asked as he ran into Rudy and Snap's room, the source of the scream.
Rudy stood by his bed near a small heap of chalk dust.
"Rudy's magic chalk and chalk boahd ah missin', bucko!" Snap said. "When dis sohta ting happens, Rudy gets weiahd, bucko," he added, gesturing at Rudy, whose eyes had begun to twitch.
"Oh no!" Barney shouted, still smiling. "I know just what to do! I'll be a detective and solvely-solve-solve-solve-a-roo this case!" He clapped his hands and suddenly he was dressed as Sherlock Holmes. He dashed off out of the Yaoi House.
"Bucko, it's gonna be okay," Snap said, putting his hand on Rudy's shoulder as Rudy rocked back and forth. "I'll find da chalk, bucko!"

Later, everyone in the Mansion arrived at the police station, and to their surprise Snap was already there.
"Snap, what are you doing here?" RM asked. "Were you robbed too?"
"Nah, bucko," Snap replied, "but mah boyfriend was and is too catatonic ta come ta da police station."
"Sorry to hear that," RM replied.
They entered the station and found Copper and Booker behind the front desk.
"Good day, citizens!" Copper said, saluting them.
"Hello, I think..." Booker muttered.
"We'd like to report a series of robberies," Delia said. "My son's PokeDex was stolen!"
"And my Playboy!" Brock added.
"And my lie detector!" Max said.
"AND MY GOD(Nick jingle) SWEATER," June hissed.
"And mah boyfriend's magic chalk and chalkboahd, bucko," Snap added.
"We'll get right to work on this case, citizens!" Copper said, and with another salute, he ran off.
"I should go too," Booker mumbled. "I think..." He walked off as well.

"I hope they get this crook quickly," RM said as they all left the police station together.
"I hope so too, bucko," Snap said. "I'm real worried 'bout Rudy, bucko."
Then they noticed a truck pulling up behind the police station. Booker got out of the driver's seat and cautiously walked to the back.
"What's this all about?" RM asked.
He and Snap broke off from the group and watched from the shadows as Booker opened the back of the truck, revealing a load of what appeared to be stolen goods.
"Guys, get over here," RM beckoned to the rest of the group, and they joined him. "Look at this!"
"So that's where he gets the stuff in the lost and found," Henry said.
"THAT'S MY (Nick jingle)ING SWEATER, YOU SON OF A (Nick jingle)!" June shouted, pouncing on Booker, who screamed in surprise.
"Thank you kindly for your assistance, citizens!" Copper said as he walked up to the situation. He pushed June away and handcuffed Booker.
"I guess this is it," Booker mumbled. "I think..."
With a salute, Copper escorted Booker away.

Enter at your own peril!
Past the bolted doors!
Where impossible things may happen
That you've never seen before!

In RM's laboratory
Live the smartest boys you've ever seen!
But Ash blows RM's, Max's, and Clemont's projects to smithereens!
There is doom and gloom while things go boom
In RM's lab!
Pokemon Squad Episode 139
Episode 139: More Than Twelve Angry Trainers

Copper and Booker are from Animal Crossing, if that wasn't obvious. Sailor Pikachu and I had a joke about all the stuff in the lost and found that Booker runs being stuff he stole, and that's what this episode is based on, which is why it's rather short. But don't worry, the next episode is actually quite heavy but at the same time quite funny! And it definitely will be longer. :P
Yeah, I kind of absolutely despise this new update to DA. Is it trying to be Facebook? I already have a Facebook account there, why would I want what's basically equivalent to it here?
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(Brock) Are you ready, trainers?
(Kids) Aye-aye, Brock!
(Brock) I can't see you!
(Brock) Oooooooooh,
Who lives in a mansion in Unnamed Town?
(Brock) There's a yellow creature who's wearing a frown!
(Brock) If Pokemon nonsense is something you need
(Brock) Uh... I like it when Pokemon breed! Heheh.
(Brock) Ready?
(All) Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Squad! Pokemon Squad!
(Brock) Pokemon Squad! Heheheheheh...

RM sat in his room very badly strumming a guitar, unable to hear the agonized screams of his housemates over the horrible playing. He sighed.
"I'm never going to be even decent at this," he muttered.
Then, his phone rang. He picked it up.
"Was that a dying Wailord I heard, or did you pick up an instrument again?" he heard through the line.
RM gasped.
"AlakazamBrain," he said, "my old rival from NSC and GoG."
"The one and only," AB replied. "So, my band was asked to open at Unnamed Town Stadium this weekend."
"Unnamed Town Stadium?" RM gasped.
"Unfortunately," AB continued, "I've got a prior engagement this weekend, as a judge at a science convention. So I was hoping your band could open instead."
"Well-" RM began.
"Oh that's right, silly me," AB said. "I forgot. You don't have a band. Well, I'll just have to call up somebody else with a real band. Goodbye, RM."
"You've got that wrong!" RM shouted into the line. "It just so happens that I do have a band, and we can indeed open at Unnamed Town Stadium this weekend!"
"Good to hear," AB replied. "Let's hope the audience brings plenty of ibuprofen." He hung up.
RM began to breath heavily.
"I have to gather a band together and train them as quickly as possible!" he said.

The next evening, RM was on his way to the meeting about the band. He had put up fliers all over Unnamed Town and Unnamed City and was hoping for at least a decent turnout. He stepped into the meeting room of the Mansion to see a huge number of people from all over the area.
"Hello everyone," he said. "So, as I'm sure you all know from the fliers, I'm searching for anyone with any musical talent at all to form a band to open at Unnamed Town Stadium this weekend. Let's start with some basics. Who here has played a musical instrument before?"
Only a few hands went up, namely those of Sailor Pikachu and PlatinumMage.
"Is a siren an instrument?" RM heard somebody ask.
"No, Lil Wayne," he replied, "a siren is not an instrument."
Lil Wayne's hand went up again.
"The N-word isn't an instrument either."
Lil Wayne walked out.
"Do instruments of torture count?" Phineas asked excitedly.
Everyone stared at him.
"Hey, (Nick jingle) off!" he hissed.

"Well, let's do some initial practice," RM said later. "Let's start kicking!"
"That's a chorus line," PlatinumMage corrected.
"Kicking? I wanna do some kicking!" Ash laughed, kicking June.
June roared and chased Ash out of the room. When Ash came back in, he had his neck caught in a trombone.
"Whoever is the owner of the white van with something scribbled on it in Sharpie and no windows," he said, "you left your lights on."
As he sat down a note came from the trombone through his mouth.
"Okay, now that that ordeal is over..." RM muttered. "Let's practice our instruments. First the brass section, go!"
The brass section, which included PlatinumMage, Barney, and several others blew several notes into their instruments.
"Now the woodwinds!" RM said.
The woodwinds section, made up of Henry, Barney Frank, Daria, and several others, blew a few notes into their instruments.
"Now the drums!"
The drum section, consisting of Elmo, Rudy, Snap, and several others, stuck their drumsticks in their mouths and blew, the sticks shooting out and pinning RM to the wall.
"I thought you guys played instruments!" RM said to Rudy and Snap.
"Not the drums," Rudy said.
"Dat was Penny, bucko," Snap said.

The next day, RM took everyone out for marching practice through the streets of Unnamed Town. Fanboy and Chumchum were twirling the batons.
"Faster!" RM commanded.
They began to twirl faster.
"Still not fast enough!"
They twirled faster and faster. Suddenly their batons lifted them off the ground and crashed them into a blimp, popping the blimp and killing them. The rest of the band began to play Celebration, with those who weren't playing cheering. RM groaned and walked off.

"So, Red," RM asked the next day at practice, "how's your vocal solo coming?"
Red held up a sign that said, "Pretty well! Wanna hear?"
Red held up a sign with the lyrics to the Pokemon theme song on it.
"You're off vocals, Red," RM said, shaking his head.

"Okay," RM said to the full band the next day, "this is the last day of practice before the performance, and none of us have improved whatsoever."
Ash continued to chew on his tuba.
"But I have a hypothesis," RM continued. "People talk loudly when they want to sound smart. I know this from experience and I am doing exactly that right now. So maybe if we play really loudly, people will think we're good! From the top now, one, two, three!"
Everyone played their instrument as loudly as possible, shattering all glass in the area and blasting RM up against the wall.
"Okay, new hypothesis," he said in a pained voice. "If we play so quietly nobody can hear us, then they'll assume we're halfway decent."
"Well maybe we wouldn't sound so bad," June said, "if some people didn't try to play without any fingers!"
"What did ya just say, bucko?" Snap demanded.
"Without! Any! Fingers!"
"Well dat ain't just fo lookin' good on moichandise, bucko!" Snap shouted.
"Your show never got any (Nick jingle)ing merchandise!" June shouted.
"Yoahs didn't eidah, bucko! And at least my show wasn't a product of da times, bucko!"
"Bring it on, blue man!" June snapped.
"No, people," Rudy said, stepping between them. "Let's be smart and bring it off!"
The scene descended into chaos. June ran after a screaming Ash with a trombone, while Snap chased her flinging drumsticks at her. She turned and ran toward Snap, and Barney Frank smashed the two of them between his cymbals.
"EVERYONE SHUT UP!" RM shouted. Everyone became quiet and looked at him. "Well, you've managed to do it," he said. "You've managed to extinguish that last glimmer of hope that I can achieve something that people will actually care about."
"Nobody would care about this even if we succeeded!" someone shouted.
"If you need me," RM sighed, "I'll be in the lab slamming my head in the door. Repeatedly."
He walked off.
"Poor guy," Ash said. "We should all be ashamed of ourselves. Think of all he's done for us, and how we've now betrayed him."
"RM's done nothing for us," June snapped. "He's a selfish (Nick jingle)head."
"June, when you left your sweater on a bus," Ash asked, "who got it back for you?"
"Larry," June replied.
"And Sailor Pikachu," Ash said. "When you had your audition for your record deal, who stayed up all night until you returned to the Mansion?"
"RM only did that because he couldn't sleep," Sailor Pikachu said.
"Right!" Ash said. "So if we can just pretend he's Larry, or he stayed up intentionally, then we can do our best and do for him what he brought us here to do!" He took the podium. "One! Twelve! Eight, seven, three! Go!"

The next day, RM showed up to Unnamed Town Stadium alone, wallowing in self-pity.
"Well, I blew it," he said. "I just hope that-" He saw AlakazamBrain. "-AB ISN'T HERE!"
"Hello, RM," AB said. "Showed up just in time, it appears. But where's your band?"
"They couldn't make it," RM said. "They, uh, died."
"Then who's that?" AB asked, pointing behind RM.
RM turned and saw everyone else in marching band uniforms. He screamed.
"THAT WOULD BE THEM!" he shouted in shock.
"We're ready to go, RM!" Ash said.
"This is just what I expected your band to be like," AB scoffed.
"That's Ash's eager face," RM muttered, grabbing a band uniform from Ash and putting it on. "Well, let's go," he sighed.
They walked into the stadium, AB following with a smug grin and his arms crossed.
RM nervously glanced at the audience in the stands.
"Let's get this over with..." he said nervously. He raised his baton. "One... Two... Three... Four..."
They all began to play the first Pokemon theme song. Shockingly well. RM's jaw dropped.
Ash came to the front and began to sing.
"I want to be the very best,
Like no one ever was.
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause.

I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide.
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that's inside

(Gotta catch 'em all)

It's you and me
I know it's my destiny


You're my best friend
In a world we must defend

(Gotta catch 'em all)

A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you

(Gotta catch 'em all)
(Gotta catch 'em all!)
RM waved to AB as he was carried away on a stretcher unconscious from shock. He then jumped in the air, elated.

Enter at your own peril!
Past the bolted doors!
Where impossible things may happen
That you've never seen before!

In RM's laboratory
Live the smartest boys you've ever seen!
But Ash blows RM's, Max's, and Clemont's projects to smithereens!
There is doom and gloom while things go boom
In RM's lab!
Pokemon Squad Episode 138
Episode 138: The Band Episode

Just another SpongeBob parody. I really need to purge the episode list of them... Oh well, at least this one is a parody of arguably the best SpongeBob episode of all time.
"I honestly can't believe my idiot brother sometimes," Barney Frank muttered as he sat down in the living room of the Yaoi House. "Arrested again for the third time in as many months. And for what? Attempting to abduct a child. He's just disgusting."
"Dat's notin', bucko," Snap said.
"Yeah, one time before you showed up here he kidnapped a huge number of young Pokemon trainers so he could pull this elaborate scheme posing as Ash's uncle to kidnap him as revenge for Sailor Pikachu accidentally killing Baloney," Rudy said.
"I got arrested as a direct result of it, bucko," Snap groaned.
"What the actual (Nick jingle) was going through his head?!" Barney Frank asked.
"Beats me, bucko," Snap said.
"None of us understand him," Rudy added.
"Well maybe it's time one of us does," Barney Frank said. "Or better yet, maybe it's also time somebody listens to me about my brother. I can't believe Ash still likes him after that."
"What are ya gonna do 'bout it, bucko?" Snap asked.
"Kidnap Ash."
"Oh, okay- WAIT, WHAT, BUCKO?!"
*cue opening sequence like this only with the Pokemon Squad cast instead of the 3rd Rock From the Sun cast

"I'll get it!" Ash said when he heard the knock at the door. He opened it to see Barney Frank.
"Come with me, Ash," Barney Frank said.
"But why?"
"I'm kidnapping you."
"But why?"
"Not any reason like why my idiot brother would. But you'll see. Now come with me."
"But why?"
"Is that all you can say?! You're at least as stupid as my brother..."
Barney Frank grabbed Ash, put him over his shoulder, and carried him to the Yaoi House.

"Has anyone seen Ash?" Delia asked a few hours later.
"No, not since he went to answer the door a while ago," Misty said.
"You don't think he was kidnapped, do you?" RM asked.
"I don't know but I saw Barney Frank walk off with him!" Tracey said.
"Ash has been kidnapped!" Delia screamed.
"I've just gotta sketch this!" Tracey exclaimed.
"Somebody head over to the Yaoi House to check," RM said. "I'm sure it's not as serious as that."

Meanwhile, in the basement of the Yaoi House, Barney Frank had put Ash in one of Barney's time-out cages.
Ash was singing sadly and badly.
"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen," Ash sang.
"No, no, sing something with a little more bounce in it!" Barney Frank scolded, irritated by the dismal song.
"It's a small world after all!" Ash sang.
"No, no, anything but that!" Barney Frank groaned.
"I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts," Ash sang, "here they are ascending in a row."
"Much better," Barney Frank chuckled.
"I still don't get why you kidnapped me," Ash said.
"Well, I guess it's time I explained myself then," Barney Frank replied, putting on a top hat and sequin bow-tie and grabbing a cane.

"Overshadowed by my younger brother
Ever since his hatching 200 MYA
Everything that he's done
Nothing's given me fun
But he never fails to stun
Me with his stupidity to this daaaaaaaaay..."

At this point Haruhi Suzumiya, Yuki Nagato, and Mikuru Asahina came into the room in bunny suits and formed a kicking line. Barney Frank continued to sing, now to an upbeat ragtime beat.

"Overshadowed by my younger brother
It's his fault that I'm not the prez!
If I could make a wish with the signing of a contract
I'd be superior to him no matter what he says!

We survived the mass extinction together
Just the two of us in a cardboard box
I got out ahead of him to start my legend
But once I'm out of the hospital, everyone says "Barney rocks!"

Overshadowed by my younger brother
In everything we do, good or bad!
I know these wishes ain't rule-free, but I'm sure that
If I wished for him dead not a soul would be sad!

It was my work that got me elected
And his fault that I was impeached
To get popular like him all that I tried to do
Was emulate his cheery and optimistic speech

Overshadowed by my younger brother
When he kidnapped dozens of trainers!
All that I can succeed in doing is bringing you here
To listen to me get out my emotions in verse!"

"But what does this have to do with me?" Ash asked.

"Since he kidnapped you
And I kidnapped you too
And I've been feelin' blue
I want you to
Listen to my song before we say adieu! HEY!

I gotta blast it from the top of my lungs
and shout from the bottom of my heart!
Boy, do I ever hate my brother!
I despise that obnoxious little fart!

Overshadowed by my younger brother
He blew up a spaceship, for the love of Pete!
It's like my life's in another castle
And I just can't get there because of the heat!

Overshadowed by my younger brother
Overshadowed by my younger brother
Overshadowed by my younger brotheeeeeeeeeer!

So Ashy-Boy I brought you here to hear me, hear me
Here to hear me, hear me
Here to hear me, hear me!
My song of how I feel!"

Ash stared at Barney Frank.
"I think I get it," he said. "But let's hear it once more; I wasn't listening."
Barney Frank groaned and dropped his cane as the SOS Brigade left.
"You really are at least as stupid as him," he muttered.

The doorbell rang.
"Elmo will get it!" Ash and Barney Frank heard from upstairs. "Oh, hi, RM! Elmo is so happy to see RM!"
"RM!" Ash said gleefully. He reached through the bars of the cage and unlocked it.
"Thanks for nothing, Ash," Barney Frank groaned as Ash ran off.
Rudy and Snap approached him.
"Feelin' bettah now dat ya got yo feelin's out, bucko?" Snap asked.
"I guess so," Barney Frank said.
His phone vibrated. He turned it on to see an email from Haruhi Suzumiya about the bill for the SOS Brigade's performance.
"On second thought no," he muttered through clenched teeth.

Enter at your own peril!
Past the bolted doors!
Where impossible things may happen
That you've never seen before!

In RM's laboratory
Live the smartest boys you've ever seen!
But Ash blows RM's, Max's, and Clemont's projects to smithereens!
There is doom and gloom while things go boom
In RM's lab!
Pokemon Squad Episode 137
Episode 137: The World According To Barney Frank

I feel like this wound up being a lot shorter than intended. Also, any questions about Barney Frank would be answered by reading his debut and backstory. As for the name, yes, it's a reference to the politician, but there's no relation between the two apart from both being politically involved, and I've actually referenced the situation between the two of them a few times.
Yeah, I kind of absolutely despise this new update to DA. Is it trying to be Facebook? I already have a Facebook account there, why would I want what's basically equivalent to it here?
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